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global with sharing class EstimateCalculationService

A service that provides functionality related to calculating net amounts for estimate product instances.



global static List<ffscpq.EstimateCalculationService.CalculateEstimateProductResponse> getTotalForEachEstimateProductInstance(Set<Id> estimateIds)

A method that calculates the total net amount for each product estimate instance related to the given estimate Ids.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
estimateIds Set<Id> The set of estimate Ids.

Return Value

This service returns CalculateEstimateProductResponse in a list that parallels the input list.


global with sharing class CalculateEstimateProductResponse

The result returned after calculating the net amount for an estimate product instance.


Name Type Description
estimateId Id The estimate Id.
estimateProductInstanceId Id The estimate product instance Id.
summedNetAmount Decimal The sum of net amounts of role requests for an estimate product instance.
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