Professional Services Automation Apex API Developer Reference


global with sharing class SkillsService

Service providing functionality related to skills, certifications and skill hierarchies.



global static pse.SkillsService.CascadeDeleteResponse cascadeDeleteHierarchy(pse.SkillsService.CascadeDeleteRequest request)

Delete a skill category in a skills hierarchy and all of its descendants. If any of the skills cannot be deleted, the whole operation will be rolled back.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
request pse.SkillsService.CascadeDeleteRequest The request containing information about which part of the hierarchy to delete.

Exceptions Thrown

Value Description
APIException An API exception will be thrown if the request is invalid.
System.DMLException A DML exception will be thrown if the delete operation fails.


global inherited sharing class CascadeDeleteRequest

A request containing the parameters for a cascading delete operation on a skills hierarchy.


Name Type Description
SkillId Id Required. The ID of the skill category whose descendants in the hierarchy will be deleted. This skill will also be deleted.



global CascadeDeleteRequest()

The default constructor for this object.


global inherited sharing class CascadeDeleteResponse

A placeholder for response values when performing a cascading delete operation on a skills hierarchy. This class is intentionally empty.

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