Professional Services Automation Object Model Diagrams
ObjectFunctional Areas
AccountSF Objects
AssignmentAssignment and Milestone, Experiences, Projects, Schedule and Rate Card, Timecards
Assignment Daily NoteAssignment and Milestone
Assignment MilestoneAssignment and Milestone
Assignment Project MethodologyProjects
Assignment Project PhaseProjects
Assignment SettingsTimecard and Assignment Settings
Backlog CalculationBacklog
Backlog DetailBacklog
Backlog Detail ConvertedBacklog
Billing EventBilling Events
Billing Event BatchBilling Events
Billing Event CalculationBilling Events
Billing Event ItemBilling Event Items, Billing Events
Billing Forecast Batch SettingsEnhanced Forecasting Setup
Billing Forecast CalculationEnhanced Services Forecasting
Billing Forecast Calculation LogEnhanced Services Forecasting
Billing Forecast CurveEnhanced Forecasting Setup
Billing Forecast Curve DetailEnhanced Forecasting Setup
Billing Forecast DetailEnhanced Services Forecasting
Billing Forecast Detail CategoryEnhanced Services Forecasting
Billing Forecast OverrideEnhanced Services Forecasting
Billing Forecast SetupEnhanced Forecasting Setup
Billing Forecast Setup CategoryEnhanced Forecasting Setup
Billing Forecast SummaryEnhanced Services Forecasting
Billing Forecast Summary CategoryEnhanced Services Forecasting
BudgetBilling Event Items, Budgets
Budget HeaderBudgets
CandidateResource Requests
ContactExpenses, Experiences, Resource (Contact), Resource Requests, Skills, Timecard API, Utilization
Create Billing Documents BatchBilling Batch, Billing Batch
Create Billing Documents Batch LogBilling Batch
Create Billing Documents Batch SettingsBilling Batch
Est Vs ActualsTimecards
Est Vs Actuals SettingsTimecard and Assignment Settings
ExpenseBilling Event Items, Expenses
Expense Limit / RateExpenses
Expense ReportExpenses
Experience SkillExperiences
Filter SetPlanner Filters
GroupGroups, Revenue Recognition Forecast Versioning
Group ActualsGroups
Group PlanGroups
HolidayTime and Calendar
Hours to Days RuleTime and Calendar
IssueRisks and Issues
MilestoneAssignment and Milestone, Billing Event Items, Revenue Recognition Forecast Versioning, Revenue Recognition Forecasting
Miscellaneous AdjustmentBilling Event Items
Missing TimecardTimecards
Missing TimecardsTimecard and Assignment Settings
OpportunityBudgets, Revenue Recognition Forecast Versioning, Revenue Recognition Forecasting, SF Objects
OpportunityLineItemSF Objects
Permission ControlPermission Controls
PracticePractices, Revenue Recognition Forecast Versioning
Practice ActualsPractices
Practice PlanPractices
Product2SF Objects
ProjectAssignment and Milestone, Projects, Revenue Recognition Forecast Versioning, Revenue Recognition Forecasting, Risks and Issues, Timecards
Project ActualsProjects
Project LocationProjects
Project MethodologyProjects
Project PhaseProjects
Project SourceProjects
Project TaskProject Tasks
Project Task AssignmentExperiences, Project Tasks
Project Task DependencyProject Tasks
Project Task Points Complete HistoryProject Tasks
Project Task Points HistoryProject Tasks
Rate CardSchedule and Rate Card
Rate Card SetSchedule and Rate Card
Rate Card Set JunctionSchedule and Rate Card
RegionRegions, Revenue Recognition Forecast Versioning
Region PlanRegions
Regional ActualsRegions
Resource ActualsResource Actuals
Resource ChangeResource (Contact)
Resource RequestResource Requests
Resource Request Milestone JunctionResource Requests
Resource Request SetResource Requests
Resource Skill RequestResource Requests
Resource TransmissionTimecard API
Revenue ForecastRevenue Recognition Forecasting
Revenue Forecast BatchRevenue Recognition Forecasting
Revenue Forecast Batch LockRevenue Recognition Forecasting
Revenue Forecast Batch LogRevenue Recognition Forecasting
Revenue Forecast Batch StatusRevenue Recognition Forecasting
Revenue Forecast SetupRevenue Recognition Forecasting
Revenue Forecast TypeRevenue Recognition Forecasting
Revenue Forecast VersionRevenue Recognition Forecast Versioning
Revenue Forecast Version AdjustmentRevenue Recognition Forecast Versioning
Revenue Forecast Version Batch LogRevenue Recognition Forecast Versioning
Revenue Forecast Version DetailRevenue Recognition Forecast Versioning
RiskRisks and Issues
ScheduleSchedule and Rate Card
Schedule ExceptionSchedule and Rate Card
Skill / CertificationExperiences, Resource Requests, Skills
Skill / Certification RatingSkills
Skill / Certification ZoneSkills
Skill SetSkills
Skill Set SkillSkills
Task TimeProject Tasks
Team MembershipTeams
Team ScheduleTeams
Team Schedule SlotTeams
Team Schedule Slot TypeTeams
Team Schedule TemplateTeams
Team Schedule Template SlotTeams
Time DateTimecards
Time PeriodGroups, Practices, Regions, Revenue Recognition Forecast Versioning, Revenue Recognition Forecasting, Time and Calendar, Utilization
Time VarianceTime Variance
Time Variance CalculationTime Variance
Time Variance SettingsTime Variance
Timecard Approval UITimecard and Assignment Settings
Timecard Entry UI GlobalTimecard and Assignment Settings
Timecard Entry UI PersonalTimecard and Assignment Settings
Timecard SplitBilling Event Items, Timecards
Timecard TransmissionTimecard API
Timer SessionTimer
Timer Session EventTimer
Timer SettingsTimer
Transaction DeltaTransactions
Utilization CalculationUtilization
Utilization DetailUtilization
Utilization EngineUtilization
Utilization ResultUtilization Analytics
Utilization RunUtilization Analytics
Utilization Run BatchUtilization Analytics
Utilization SetupUtilization Analytics
Utilization SummaryUtilization
Vendor InvoiceVendor Invoices
Vendor Invoice ItemVendor Invoices
VersionProject Versions
Version ConfigProject Versions
Version Item AssignmentProject Versions
Version Item BudgetProject Versions
Version Item Estimates Vs ActualsProject Versions
Version Item IssueProject Versions
Version Item MilestoneProject Versions
Version Item PhaseProject Versions
Version Item Project DetailProject Versions
Version Item Resource RequestProject Versions
Version Item RiskProject Versions
Version Item TaskProject Versions
Work CalendarTime and Calendar
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