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global with sharing class CreateEstimateService

A service that provides functionality related to creating estimates.



global static List<ffscpq.CreateEstimateService.CreateEstimateResponse> createEstimates(List<ffscpq.CreateEstimateService.CreateEstimateRequest> requests)

A method that creates estimates.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
requests List<ffscpq.CreateEstimateService.CreateEstimateRequest> The list of CreateEstimateRequest.

Return Value

This service returns CreateEstimateResponse in a list that parallels the input list.


global with sharing class CreateEstimateRequest

The request structure for creating an estimate.


Name Type Description
EstimateData ffscpq__Estimate__c An estimate record with field values for the new estimate.
SourceEstimateId Id [Optional] The estimate to copy related records from.
IncludeSkills Boolean If true, skills are copied from the existing estimate to the new estimate. The default value is true.
IsTemplate Boolean If true, the new estimate is marked as a template. The default value is false.



global CreateEstimateRequest(ffscpq__Estimate__c estimateData)

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
estimateData ffscpq__Estimate__c Contains data for the new estimate.


global with sharing class CreateEstimateResponse

The result returned after creating an estimate.


Name Type Description
JobId Id The AsyncApexJob Id. If this is null, the request was completed synchronously.
Estimate ffscpq__Estimate__c The estimate record.
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