CSC Apex API Developer Reference


global with sharing class CreateObjectiveFromTemplateResponse extends CreateSObjectFromTemplateResponse

The response object which is returned from the service following creation of a new objective from a template.


Name Type Description
Errors List<String> Errors resulting from the corresponding CreateObjectiveFromTemplateRequest.
Request csc.CreateObjectiveFromTemplateRequest The request associated with the response of CreateObjectiveFromTemplateService.
IsSuccess Boolean Indicates whether the objective was successfully created.
NewObjectiveId Id ID of the objective created from the objective template.
QueuedJobId Id The CreateObjectiveFromTemplateService may spawn a Queueable to complete the work in a later transaction. When this occurs, this is the ID of the AsyncApexJob controlling the work. The record can be queried to monitor its status. When multiple requests are processed, only the QueuedJobId of the first response is set.
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