Fixed Asset Management Object Model
ObjectFunctional Areas
Allow multiple Currencies in Asset GroupAssets and Groups
Applied Depreciation MethodDepreciation
Asset GroupAssets and Groups
Asset Sub-GroupAssets and Groups
Batch Delete ControlFAM Settings
Batch LogFAM Settings
DepartmentAssets and Groups
Depreciation BookDepreciation
Depreciation MethodDepreciation
Depreciation ScheduleDepreciation
FA Error LogFAM Settings
FAM V1 to V2 Upgrade SettingsFAM Settings
Fixed AssetAssets and Groups
Fixed Asset Batch JobFAM Settings
Fixed Asset Management Batch SettingsFAM Settings
Fixed Asset Management Deletion BatchFAM Settings
Fixed Asset Management SettingsFAM Settings
Fixed Assets RelationshipAssets and Groups
MACRS ChartDepreciation
MACRS TableDepreciation
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