Order and Inventory Management Object Model Diagrams
ObjectFunctional Areas
AP VoucherProcurement
AP Voucher CreditProcurement
AP Voucher LineProcurement
AP Voucher Line CreditProcurement
Additional ChargeService Contracts
Additional Rebate TermsCPQ tool
Alternate ItemInventory
Attachment SetsProcurement
Attachment TypeProcurement
Award CodeProcurement
Bill of MaterialInventory
Buyer Attachment SetProcurement
Change RequestService Contracts
Change Request LineService Contracts
Commodity CodeProcurement
Commodity Code Buyer AssociationProcurement
Condition CodeInventory
Contact RoleService Contracts
Credit InvoiceProcurement, Sales
Credit Invoice LineProcurement, Sales
Currency MasterAdmin
Customer AddressSales
Customer ItemInventory Management
Customer QuotationCPQ tool
Customer Quotation LineCPQ tool
Customer ReturnSales
Customer Return LineSales
Cycle CountInventory
Cycle Count DetailInventory
Cycle Count ProfileInventory
Elements of CostAdmin
Exchange OrderProcurement, Sales
Freight CodeProcurement
GL AccountAdmin
ICPInventory Management
Internal TeamService Contracts
Inventory Action QueueInventory Management
Inventory AttachmentInventory Management
Inventory Attachment DetailInventory Management
Inventory LocationInventory Management
Inventory PositionInventory Management
Inventory Transaction Financial RecordInventory Management
Inventory Transaction Perpetual RecordInventory Management
Invoice Line ItemSales
Item MasterInventory Management
Item OptionCPQ tool
ManufacturerInventory Management
Manufacturer Part Number ReferenceInventory Management
Month End InventoryInventory Management
Non-Conforming MaterialInventory Management
OptionCPQ tool
Option ItemCPQ tool
Option TypeCPQ tool
Ownership CodeInventory Management, Procurement, Sales
PO AttachmentProcurement
PO Payment TermsProcurement
PO to Attachment Association NumberProcurement
Pick-list DetailInventory Management
PicklistInventory Management
PriceCPQ tool
Price ListCPQ tool
Price TypeCPQ tool
Prior ContractService Contracts
Product GroupInventory Management
Production OrderProcurement, Production
Production Order LineProcurement, Production
Purchase ContractProcurement
Purchase Contract LineProcurement
Purchase OrderProcurement
Purchase Order Line ItemProcurement
Quote Line GroupCPQ tool
Quote RequestCPQ tool
RTVInventory Management
Re-Order CriteriaInventory Management
Reason CodeInventory Management
RebateCPQ tool
Rebate AppliedCPQ tool
Rebate ClaimCPQ tool
Rebate LineCPQ tool
Receipt LineProcurement
Received OrderSales
Received Order LineSales
Received RFQSales
Received RFQ ItemSales
Receiving InspectionProcurement
Requisition Line ItemProcurement
Return Material AuthorizationInventory Management
Sales OrderSales
Sales Order Line ItemSales
Sales ResponsibilitySales
Serial NumberInventory Management
Serial Number Related RecordInventory Management
Service ContractService Contracts
Service Contract LineService Contracts
Service Contract Line OptionService Contracts
Service TermService Contracts
ShippingInventory Management
Sourcing RequestProcurement
Sourcing Request LineProcurement
Sourcing ResponseProcurement
Standard Order DetailSales
Standard Order LineSales
Standard Order TypeSales
Supplier ActionProcurement
Supplier CatalogueProcurement
Supplier Catalogue ItemProcurement
Supplier Catalogue Price BreakProcurement
Supplier CertificationProcurement
Supplier ContactProcurement
Supplier CrewProcurement
Supplier ExperienceProcurement
Supplier RFQCPQ tool
Supplier ReferenceProcurement
Supplier SafetyProcurement
Supplier ServiceProcurement
Supplier SiteProcurement
Supplier Special StatusProcurement
Tax CodeProcurement, Sales
Tax SplitProcurement, Sales
Transfer RequestInventory Management
Transfer Request LineInventory Management
Truck LoadInventory Management
Unit of MeasureInventory Management
Up Sell Cross SellCPQ tool
WarehouseInventory Management
Warranty ClaimSales
Warranty Sell SideSales
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