Services CPQ API Developer Reference


global without sharing class PostInstallHandler implements InstallHandler

A handler that executes a post install script after a new version of Services CPQ has been installed. If any of the batch jobs fail they can be rerun by calling the onInstall method.



global void onInstall(ffscpq.PostInstallHandler.InstallContextDto context)

A method that will rerun the relevant post install scripts.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
context ffscpq.PostInstallHandler.InstallContextDto The data transfer object that contains the previous version that was installed before the upgrade.


global with sharing class InstallContextDto

An object passed to the post install scripts that can contain the previous version of Services CPQ. The previous version can be null to simulate a fresh install.



global void setPreviousVersion(Version previousVersion)

A method to specify the previous version to be used when rerunning post install scripts.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
previousVersion Version The previously installed version of Services CPQ.
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