Billing Central Apex API Developer Reference


global with sharing class BillingSchedulable implements Schedulable

This class is the implementation of Schedulable that enables the billing engine to be scheduled. The billing engine runs in its asynchronous mode when run using this schedulable. This can be scheduled in the usual way by using the System.schedule method and providing a valid CRON.


Name Type Description
StartDateTime DateTime The date and time from which this job can run.
EndDate Date The date on which to stop running this job.
NumberOfTimesToRun Integer The maximum number of times to run this job.



global BillingSchedulable()

When a ffbc.BillingSchedulable is created with this default constructor, each billing run sets the document date and document due date of the generated documents to the date of the billing run. The run includes all contracts that are due to be billed.


global void execute(SchedulableContext sc)

The execute method provided by the Schedulable interface. This runs the billing engine in its asynchronous mode with the inputs determined by the current date.