Billing Document to Sales Invoice or Credit Note Mappings

The integration uses Foundations mappings to determine which fields from a billing document are copied to the resulting sales invoice or sales credit note.

You can view the default mappings, add custom field mappings, and override the default field-level mappings.

You can also customize which fields are updated on a billing document after a sales invoice or credit note is created from it. These are defined as return mappings.

Viewing the Mappings

To view the mappings:

  1. On the Accounting Task Launcher tab, in the Data Setup and Management section, click Manage Billing Document to Sales Invoice Mappings.
  2. Select one of the following:
    • "Billing Document to Sales Invoice"
    • "Billing Document to Sales Credit Note"
  3. Click Manage Mappings.

The mappings display in a new tab. From this page, you can:

  • View the source and target objects.
  • View the source value and the target field for each mapping.
  • Add custom mappings.
  • Override the default (managed) mappings.
  • View and customize the return mappings.

For more information about how to add mappings, see Adding Custom Mappings from the FDN Mappings Component.