Enabling the Billing Document to Sales Invoice Feature

The Billing Document to Sales Invoice Feature Console feature enables the integration so that you can seamlessly create sales invoices and credit notes from billing documents. It also disables the Billing Document to Transaction integration, if it is enabled in the org.

This feature contains two automatic steps.

Feature step 1 disables the publications and subscriptions required for the Billing Document to Transaction integration. These publications and subscriptions are created when you enable the Publications and Subscriptions and the Check Billing Documents Can Post features.

Feature steps 2 adds the relevant fields to the managed layouts for the Billing Document, Sales Invoices, and Sales Credit Note objects. It also adds the Create Sales Invoice or Credit Note Lightning action to the managed page layout for the Billing Document object. In addition, it removes fields added by the Billing Document to Transaction integration from the billing document page layout. Note that if you use custom page layouts, you must manually update them.

Work through the steps in the order shown. For each step, click Perform. When the step has completed, the Status changes from "Not Done" to "Done".

When you have completed all the steps, use the Status slider in the Feature section to enable the feature.

For more information about the Feature Console, see Feature Console and Enabling and Disabling Features.