Feature Console

The Feature Console enables you to control when you activate specific features in your Certinia application, while enabling you to keep up to date with the latest version.

When you upgrade your Certinia application to the latest version, some enhancements and fixes are enabled automatically. By default, any features that might have a significant impact on your data or business processes are disabled. You can upgrade to the latest version and benefit from fixes and minor enhancements, then enable new features after you have tested them in your sandbox org.

To enable a feature, you must follow the steps for that feature, which can include:

  • Adding fields or buttons to page layouts
  • Updating action overrides
  • Assigning page layouts
  • Updating permission sets
  • Adding picklist values
  • Updating context-sensitive help links or field-level help text
  • Updating custom settings
  • Displaying tabs that were previously hidden

Some features require you to perform both automatic and manual steps. You can update the Feature Console to confirm whether you have completed a step or decided to skip it. If you skip a step, you might not be able to use some aspects of the feature.