Migrating Feature Console Activation Details

In some circumstances, you might want to migrate Feature Console activation records between orgs.

For example:

  • You’ve set up and tested a new feature in your sandbox environment, and
  • You have manually migrated all setup data to your production environment, and
  • You want Feature Console to accurately reflect the state of your production environment without rerunning the feature in your production environment, for example, if the feature contains a lot of complex steps

Migrating only Feature Console activation records does not perform feature steps.

Only complete this task if you have manually created the relevant data in your target environment.


If your orgs contain features that were enabled earlier than Foundations Spring 2023, ensure you first enable the Feature Migration Optimization feature in the relevant orgs. This ensures that all activation records can be matched across your orgs.

For more information, see Optimizing Feature Console Migration.

Migrate Activation Details

To migrate feature activation details:

  1. Log in to the org that contains the enabled feature, such as your sandbox org.
  2. Export the Feature Console activation records that relate to activated features into a CSV format, for example, using Salesforce Data Loader. For more information about exporting records, see the Salesforce Help.
  3. In the exported CSV, check that the target ID is formatted as an API name rather than a record ID. If target IDs are displayed as record IDs, ensure that you have correctly enabled the Feature Migration Optimization feature in your source org and return to Step 1.
  4. Log in to the org you want to transfer activation data to, such as your production org.
  5. Import the activation records that correspond to the features you want to enable in your target org. We recommend that you use Foundations Datastream to import these records. For more information, see Datastream Overview and Creating a Source Data Spreadsheet to Use with Datastream.

    If you’ve previously enabled the feature in the target org, you need to update the existing Feature Console activation record rather than create a new one. In Datastream, you can update an existing record by including the record ID of the existing Feature Console activation records in your import data. For more information, see Updating Existing Records.

  6. Navigate to the Feature Console tab in your target org to check the activation status of the features. Features and feature steps that correspond to the imported activation records are updated with the details from your source org.