Enabling the Sales Tax Enhancements Feature

The Sales Tax Enhancements feature enables you to update your org to include additional details for tax calculations on billing documents.

You can perform the following actions:

  • Update standard Foundations and Billing Central page layouts to include additional details for tax calculation purposes. This includes billing document line item sender and recipient details, additional tax breakdown information, and address validation items.
  • Create new permission sets that provide access to the Account Extension object, which enables you to store additional tax information relating to an account:
    • FDN Account Extension
    • FDN Account Extension - Read
    • FDN Account Extension - Edit
    • FDN Account Extension - Delete

You only need to enable the page layout feature steps if you have upgraded to Foundations Fall 2020. New customers do not need to enable page layout feature steps.

If you use custom page layouts, you can use the information in the feature step summary to view the additional items that Foundations automatically adds. You can then apply the same changes to your custom page layouts manually. For more information about page layouts, see the Salesforce Help.

When you have enabled the feature, you can assign the new permission sets to users manually. For more information about assigning permission sets, see the Salesforce Help.


A previous version of this feature was released in Summer 2020. If you enabled this feature in Summer 2020, the feature will now be disabled. To update your org with the latest page layout changes, perform the feature steps and mark the feature as enabled.