Optimizing Feature Console Migration


You only need to enable this feature if you have upgraded to Foundations Spring 2023 and have previously activated features in the Feature Console. We recommend you perform this feature on any orgs you activate features on.

Customers who are new to Foundations in Spring 2023 do not need to enable this feature.

You can use the Feature Migration Optimization feature in the Feature Console to update your org to use the latest Feature Console functionality.

To enable the Feature Migration Optimization feature:

  1. Log in to your org.
  2. Click the Feature Console tab.
  3. [Optional] Filter the list of features by the following:
    • Application: "Foundations"
    • Status: "Off"
  4. Click the name of the Feature Migration Optimization feature.
  5. Click Perform to update the activation IDs for all activated features. This ensures that Feature Console activation records can be matched across your orgs when migrating data. This step also removes any unused legacy activation data from your org.
  6. Use the Status slider in the Feature section to enable the feature. The Messages panel displays a summary of the changes.
  7. Log in to any other org you use to enable Feature Console features, such as your sandbox, and repeat Steps 2-6.