Feature Console Activation Fields

Here is a description of the fields that make up a Feature Console activation record. This object is used by Foundations to store the current activation details for features and feature steps.


You must not manually change any values in these fields.These records are created automatically when a change is made to a feature or feature step.

Feature Console Activation Fields
Field     Description
Feature Console Activation Name     Name of the record.
Activation Number 18, 0   Number that identifies the related feature enablement logs.
Enabled     Indicates whether the feature or feature step was enabled at the end of the operation.
State 131,072   Data that can be used when reverting or performing the feature step, such as previous state values or user selections. For example, previous state values can be restored when the feature step is reverted.
Status 255   Status of the operation, such as "Success" or "Error".
Target ID 18   Unique identifier for the feature or feature step.