Undoing a Match

To undo an existing match:

  1. Click the Matched tab, on the Matched Transactions grid, the matching reference and account name with the related document numbers is displayed in a group. If the required document number is not visible, search for it in the search box or click to refine the list.
  2. In the Filters panel:
    1. Specify the account name. This field is mandatory.
    2. [Optional] Specify the document number.
    3. [Optional] Specify dates in the Retrieve From and Retrieve To fields to retrieve the documents matched between these dates.
    4. [Optional] Specify the matching reference.
    5. Click Apply. All the documents matching the filter criteria are displayed.
  3. Select either the document number or the line displaying the account name and matching reference. All the lines related to that group are selected.
  4. Click Undo Match.
  5. [Optional] Select a reason for undoing the match.
  6. [Optional] By default, the undo match process applies the original match date and period to any journals created. Deselect Use Original Match Date and specify an alternative undo Matching Date or Period to apply to any cash matching journals created by the match.
  7. When you are sure that you have selected the correct lines to unmatch, click Undo.