About Prepaid Expenses

The Prepaid Expenses feature gives you the ability to generate a series of journals to spread a payable invoice expense across future financial periods, so that you can quickly and easily spread costs across the periods in which they are incurred. Prepaid Expenses journals are generated by a batch process.

Before You Start

  • Make sure that the Prepaid Expenses feature has been enabled in your org. For more information, see Setting up Prepaid Expenses.
  • Create any additional prepaid expenses schedule definitions that you need. For example, quarterly. A monthly schedule definition is created in your org during configuration. For more information, see What Is a Prepaid Expenses Schedule Definition?
  • Ensure that you have selected the Prepaid Expense checkbox on any expense lines you want to generate prepaid expenses journals for and that you have provided a "date from" and "date to". For more information, see Payable Invoice Line Items.