Payable Invoice Line Items

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The Expense Lines and Product Lines sections of a payable invoice are where you specify the items (expenses and products) that you want to include on the document.


When creating or editing line items, we do not recommend changing any default values that are applicable to those line items. The fields in the Line Items grid might be editable regardless of the field accessibility settings in your org. For more information, see Field-Level Security.

See Payable Invoice Fields for a description of the fields that make up a payable invoice line item.


If your organization is enabled for external tax calculation, you do not need to enter tax details because the tax value will be calculated by the external system upon posting the document. See Setting up External Tax Calculation for more information.


The tax values for expense and product lines are calculated using the tax calculation methodClosed Method used by the account to calculate taxes in VAT or GST mode. for the vendor account specified on the document.