Transaction Inquiry Report

This feature is not part of the base Accounting package, your administratorClosed One or more individuals in your organization who can configure and customize the application. Users assigned the System Administrator profile have administrator privileges. must install and configure an extension package to enable it.

A transaction inquiry report is a filtered transaction report. For example, you can use this feature to quickly view all of the transactions posted to a specific general ledger accountClosed The general ledger will normally include general ledger accounts (GLAs) for items such as income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and reserves.. You might want to do this when you are reviewing the management accounts and need to find out why a particular general ledger account is showing a high level of expenditure.

You can filter the report by the following criteria:

  • Company
  • General Ledger Account
  • Dimension 1-4
  • Period

To create a transaction inquiry report:

  1. Click the Transaction Inquiry tab.
  2. Provide the filter criteria.
  3. Click Filter Report.

See "Getting Started with OneTouch", available on the Certinia Community website, for information on how to set up this feature.