What is Multi-company Mode?

In normal operation, each Certinia user is assigned to a single company queueClosed A location within the underlying Salesforce platform used to represent a company. When you activate a new company, a corresponding company queue is created.. This is based on their current companyClosed The company in which you are working. This is represented by the company queue to which you, and new instances of objects you create, are assigned. setting.

Once a user is assigned to more than one company queue, they are said to be in multi-company modeClosed State in which the current user has more than one current company selected. Data entry is disabled until the user returns to single-company mode. Enable multi-company mode when you want to generate reports that contain data from more than one company.. In this mode you cannot perform any data-entry tasks such as creating invoices or cash entries.

In multi-company mode, you may be able to:

If a user wants to work across multiple companies in this way, each company must be both one of their accessible companiesClosed A list of one or more active companies to which a user has access. and also a current company. See Setting your Current Company for more information.

To leave multi-company mode, return to having a single selected company (current company).