About Consolidation Group

Consolidation Group is a structural or hierarchical representation of the Company Ownership records where the Ownership Category field is set to "Control". The relationship between the companies is defined by factors such as company ownership, investments, and investors.

You can distinguish between the Company Ownership records by the type of ownership, percentage, and time. We also support tracking changes to these fields for audit purposes or to view the status of an ownership at a given time.

For a full list of the fields in the Company Ownership record, see Company Ownership Fields.

To create a company ownership record, see Creating a Company Ownership Record.

Each company in the Consolidation Group Structure Chart is assigned with a card, these cards are interconnected following the Company Ownership records.

  • To display a company in the Consolidation Group Structure Chart, ensure its ownership category is set to "Control", the ownership record is marked as "Is Active" and its time range is valid.
  • You can customize the company card and company information details. For more information, see Customizing Company Cards and Details.
  • You can choose to view the Consolidation Group Structure chart in various formats by clicking the Quick Action buttons. For more information, see Viewing Consolidation Group.
  • You can easily differentiate between companies in this chart using the company logo displayed on each card.
  • To view a consolidated financial statement or any other financial report that you define for the financial year containing the date selected on the Consolidation Group page, click . Before viewing the report, ensure that the Consolidation Report ID and the Filter Configured on Report fields have accurate values in the Consolidation Settings. For more information, see Configuring Reports to Open in Accounting

To enable the Consolidation Group Structure, see Enabling the Consolidation Structure Feature.