Customizing Company Cards and Details

By default, the following fields are included on each company's card:

  • Name
  • Localization
  • Home Currency

By default, the following fields are displayed when you click View Details on any company card in the Consolidation Group Structure Chart:

Company Information:

  • Record Type
  • Use Org-Wide Exchange Rates
  • Currency
  • Reporting Currency (Accounting Currency)
  • Consolidation Adjustment Company
  • Elimination Company
  • Local Chart of Accounts Structure

Controlling Ownership Information:

  • Ownership Start Date
  • Ownership End Date
  • Ownership Percentage

To customize:

  1. Click from the Quick Actions in the upper-right corner on the Consolidation Group page. A Fields Settings window opens.
  2. Select any three fields to view on the card. Use drag-and-drop to reorder the fields.
  3. Click Next and select any ten fields you want to display on the company details window. Use drag-and-drop to reorder the fields.
  4. Click Save.
  • A maximum of three fields can be selected for the company card and ten for the company details. The number of fields chosen out of the maximum number of fields is displayed on the Fields Settings window. For example, 2 of 3 fields selected.
  • You can reorder fields within the section and not across the section. For example, drag the Localization field and drop it just above the Ownership (%) field in the Company Ownership section and vice versa. An error message appears stating that you cannot reorder the fields across the sections.