Discarding Sales Invoices

Discarding a Single Sales Invoice

You must specify a reason for discarding the document, which is stored with the record for future reference and auditing.

To discard a document:

  1. Select the "In Progress" document that you want to discard.
  2. Click Discard. If you can't see this button, contact your administrator.
  3. Type a reason for discarding this document. You cannot leave this field blank.
  4. Click Discard again.

Discarding Multiple Sales Invoices

To discard multiple sales invoices using Lightning:

  1. Click the Sales Invoices tab.
  2. Select a predefined view from the drop-down list to select the records to display. Alternatively, you can select Create New View to define your own list view.
  3. Use the checkboxes on the left to select the sales invoices that you want to discard. We recommend selecting no more than 200 invoices.
  4. Click Discard. The window for discarding sales invoices displays. If this button is not available, contact your administrator, or see the Salesforce Help for more information about adding buttons to list views.
  5. Check your selection and click Discard.
  6. Type a reason for discarding these invoices. You cannot leave this field blank.
  7. Click Discard. The selected sales invoices are discarded.
  • If you discard an invoice with an income schedule, all income schedule line items are deleted.
  • [Lightning Experience Only]
    • When you have more than one current company selected, you can discard a sales invoice for any of the currently selected companies. You do not need to change the current company. Administrators can discard sales invoices for any of their user companies, regardless of their current company selection.
    • You can discard sales invoices of up to 9,980 lines immediately (synchronously).
  • If using a user interface other than Lightning Experience and the document is an enterprise billing document, you must use Extended Edition. If the number of lines is over the enterprise billing threshold, the process is run as an asynchronous batch job. You are notified of the success or failure of this operation.
  • If you discard a sales document that has had its tax calculated by an external system, any values held in the external system for the document will be deleted. If values in the external system have been modified directly, it might not be possible to delete them and they may remain in a Voided state.