Posting Sales Invoices

You can post sales invoices in one of the following ways:

  • Post a single sales invoice using the Post button on the sales invoice detail page
  • Post multiple sales invoices from the list page, either immediately or later as a batch job using the Background Posting Scheduler
  • Post multiple sales invoices via Datastream using the Trigger Posting feature

For more information about posting sales invoices, see How Sales Invoices Are Posted.

If there are unsaved changes, a dialog box displays, and you can select from the following:
  • Select Continue Editing to continue to edit the payable invoice expense and product lines.
  • Select Discard and Continue to discard the unsaved changes and continue to post the payable invoice.
  • Select Save and Continue to save the existing changes and continue to post the payable invoice.

The status of each selected invoice becomes "Ready to Post" and they are batched up for posting by a scheduled job.

If you do not want to wait for the next scheduled job you can click Background Post to start the Background Posting Scheduler immediately. This button is only available if you have been given the necessary permissions for Background Posting.

Posting Multiple Sales Invoices

Trigger-Posting Sales Invoices using Datastream

The Trigger Posting feature enables you to automatically post a document either synchronously or asynchronously by updating its header using Datastream.

  • Read Trigger-Posting Documents for some very important preparation notes and prerequisites.
  • Before you use the Trigger Posting feature, we recommend enabling it in the Feature Console to automatically add the Trigger Posting and Trigger Posting Error fields to the related page layouts. If you use other page layouts, you must add these fields manually. For more information, see Enabling the Trigger Posting of Documents Feature.

To trigger-post documents using Datastream: