Setting up Customer Success Cloud

Before you can use Customer Success Cloud, you must:

  • Ensure you have carried out the tasks outlined in Preparing to Install.
  • Assign Customer Success Cloud licenses to your users.
  • Assign the relevant permissions to your users.
  • [Optional] Customize Customer Success Cloud Lightning components. For more information, see Customer Success CloudLightning Components.
  • [Optional] Set up custom notifications and flows.
  • [Optional] Enable tracking for recommended objects and fields.


You can assign the following permission set groups to users for access to Customer Success Cloud:

Permission Set Group Name

Certinia - CSC - Customer Success Manager Includes the CSC - Customer Success permission set.

For more information about the permissions included in this permission set group, see Permission Sets and Other Technical Documentation.

Setting Up Custom Notifications and Flows

We recommend that you set up custom notifications and flows, to enable users to receive notifications for the following scenarios:

  • When a user is assigned as the Playbook Owner of a playbook.
  • When a user is assigned to a playbook task.

For more information, see Setting Up Custom Notifications and Flows.

Setting Up Object and Field Tracking for Activity Tracker

We recommend that you set up object and field tracking, to enable users to see activity history for supported objects and fields with tracking enabled in the Activity Tracker component.

For a list of recommended objects and fields to track, see Customizable Lightning Components.

For more information about enabling object and field tracking, see the Salesforce Help.

CS Cloud Core Analytics

For information about setting up CS Cloud Core Analytics, see the following topics:

Using Customer Success Cloud Components On your Experience Cloud Site