Fixed Asset Batch Job Fields

A batch job record is created for each batch run in Fixed Asset Management. Batch job records are created when you click Generate Depreciation Schedules and Export Depreciation Schedules on the Fixed Asset Batch Jobs tab.

Many of these fields are intended for internal use only and might not be visible on your page layout. You might want to view a batch job record to access logs created by the process.

Field Name Description
Apex Job Id Unique identifier for the current batch Apex job.
Batch Process Lookup to the batch process record. The record is deleted automatically when the process completes.
Batch Process Status Status of the batch Apex job: Processing, Failed, or Aborted. Blank when the process completes.
Deleted Indicates that the batch job record has been deleted.
Fixed Asset Batch Job Number A system-generated number to identify the batch job.
Fixed Asset Process Management Lookup to the associated fixed asset process.
Job Type The job type: Mass Depreciation Schedule or Mass Export Schedule.
Notification Type The type of notification sent when the process completed: Successful, Failure, or Mixed.
Process Completed The date and time that the process completed, either successfully or with errors.
Process Name The name of the batch process. Blank when the process completes.
Process Started The date and time that the process started.
Status The current status of the batch job: Processing, Complete, or Error. If the process completed with errors, an error log will be available from the Batch Logs related list. Refresh your browser to ensure the process status is up to date.
Total Number of Aborts The number of logs where Log Type is Abort.
Total Number of Errors The number of logs where Log Type is Error.
Total Number of External The number of logs where Log Type is External.
Total Number of Logs The total number of logs.

Batch Logs

Contains a list of logs generated by the process.


Batch job records and their associated batch logs are deleted automatically once the number of batches stored exceeds the Number of Generate Batches to Keep or the Number of Export Batches to Keep in the Fixed Asset Management Batch Settings custom setting. See Fixed Asset Management Custom Settings for more information.