Setting up the Certinia Help

Check the following information to get set up to use the Certinia Help.

Viewing the Certinia Help

By default, access to view the Certinia Help has been added to all Foundations permission sets. As long as a user has one Foundations permissions set, they can view Certinia Help from their org.

If you use custom permission sets, you must enable Apex class access for the fferpcore.ContextSensitiveHelpController class. For more information about customizing permission sets, see the Salesforce Help.

Accessing the Certinia Help

Certinia Help is available via the default utility bar associated with Certinia apps. If you use the default utility bar, no upgrade steps are required and the Certinia Help will be available from the utility bar automatically.

If you use a custom utility bar, complete the following steps to get set up:

  1. Ensure you have system administrator permissions.
  2. Customize your org's utility bar to include the Certinia Help component. For more information about using utility bars, see the Salesforce Help.