Creating a Payable Invoice from a Scanned Payable Document

To create a payable invoice record from the scanned payable document, ensure that the documents contain the correct information. If the information within the document is incorrect, the processing of your scanned payable document will fail. You can check the error of failure in the error details field of the scanned payable document in the Details tab. Once the error is fixed, you can manually create a payable invoice from a scanned payable document Lightning record page

To create a payable invoice using the information of the scanned payable document:

  1. Navigate to the Scanned Payable Documents tab.
  2. Click on the scanned payable document from which you want to create a payable invoice.
  3. From the highlights panel, click Create Invoice. If the Create Invoice button is not visible, contact your administrator.
  4. Click Create. The payable invoice will be created displaying the record name in the success message.

The scanned payable document associated with the payable invoice created is displayed within the Scanned Payable Document field of the Payable Invoice object in Accounting.

  • After the Invoice Document is processed, a PIN is generated. If there are errors, a notification is displayed with the relevant Scanned Payable Document number. Click the notification check the errors on the Scanned Payable Document and try the process again.

  • If the Invoice Total does not match for the Payable Invoice and the related Scanned Payable Invoice Document, an error notification will be shown. You can review the tax on the Payable Invoice lines before posting.

  • Once the Payable Invoice is created, the Invoice Documents on the Scanned Payable Document will be linked with the created Payable Invoice.