Company Fields

The Company object is a core component of Foundations. Other Certinia applications use this object and add fields, buttons, and functionality to it.

Standard Items

Here is a description of the Company fields and buttons that are part of Foundations.


Key: * – Mandatory field; R – Read-only.

The number indicates the number of characters that are allowed in this text field, where appropriate.

Field Name




Address Validated




Indicates whether the address has been successfully validated against the Avalara AvaTax address database.

Billing Document       This lookup is only available if the Certinia Conga Integration for Billing Documents is installed and configured on the org. Use it to select a custom template for printing and emailing Billing Documents for this company.
Code       Company code in the Avalara AvaTax account to which documents are to be posted. If this field does not contain a value, documents are assigned to the default company.

Company Name



Name of the Company.




Email address of the company contact.




Company's Fax Number.




Formula field that displays the company logo specified in the Logo URL.

Logo URL



URLClosed Uniform Resource Locator. A link to a web page or resource. of the company's logo.




Company's phone number.

Tax Information       Lookup to the tax information record associated with this company.
Uniqueness Constraint     255 An identifier which is used to prevent duplicate companies from being created.




URLClosed Uniform Resource Locator. A link to a web page or resource. of the company's website.




Company address information.


State / Province


Zip / Postal Code

Validated Street




Validated address in Avalara AvaTax.

Validated City

Validated State / Province

Validated Zip / Postal Code

Validated Country

Scanned Payable Document Email       The email ID from the email service which is used to assign the company to payable documents.


Button Name


Create Tax Information Enables you to create a tax information record for this company.

Validate Address

If the Use External Service to Calculate Tax checkbox is selected in the Tax Calculation Settings tab, the company address is validated. A confirmation page is then displayed, which enables you to update the address and revalidate it.

Applications That Add Fields to the Company Object

Other Certinia applications add fields to the Foundations Company object. For more information about how other Certinia applications use this object, follow the link.


Further Information

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