Validating Addresses for Sales and Use Tax Calculation

If your Salesforce orgClosed Salesforce organization is enabled for sales tax calculation, you can validate the following addresses to check that they are recognized by the US Postal Service:

  • Company Address
  • Account Billing Address
  • Account Shipping Address

When you validate an address and that address is invalid, an updated version of the address is proposed. You can then:

  • Accept the new address
  • Edit the new address then revalidate it
  • Keep the original address

If you edit an address after it has been validated, the Validated checkbox associated with that address is deselected, indicating that you can revalidate it.


Validation is carried out by the Avalara AvaTax tax calculation service.

To validate an address, you must be assigned the appropriate permission sets. See Permission Sets.

If your org is not set up to calculate sales and use tax, validation of addresses has no effect.

An address might fail validation if it has not yet been added to the US postal service database. We recommend validating addresses before calculating SUT, however you can use an address for SUTClosed Sales and Use Tax calculations even if it has not been validated or has failed validation.

You must add the Validate Billing Address and Validate Shipping Address buttons to the Account object page layouts on your orgClosed Salesforce organization. See also organization..

To validate an address against the Avalara AvaTax address database:

  1. Depending on whether you want to validate addresses on the company or account objects, click Validate Address, Validate Billing Address or Validate Shipping Address.
  2. Review the address that appears:
    • If the proposed address is correct, click Accept to save it.
    • If the proposed address is not correct, amend the Proposed Address and click Revalidate.