Return Material Authorization Fields

Here is a description of the fields on a Return Material Authorization (RMA).

Key: * – Mandatory field; R – Read-only.

Field   Description
Claim Administrator Instruction External   Instructions that the claim administrator has provided to the customer.
Claim Administrator Notes Internal   Notes field where the person administrating the warranty claim can enter notes about the claim.
Claim Resolve Action Notes External   Warranty claim administrator's notes to the customer on how the claim is to be resolved.
Claim Resolve Action Notes Internal   Warranty claim administrator's action notes on how the claim is to be resolved.
Confirm To   Name of the customer's representative who is returning the item.
Customer Account   Salesforce customer account associated with the RMAClosed Return Material Authorization.
Customer PO Number   Customer's authorizing Purchase Order Number.
Date Returned   Date on which the items were returned to the warehouse and a receipt created
Issue RMA * Indicates whether a RMA number is to be issued.
Item Master   Item master record of the item to which a claim is being made.
Item Ship Date   Date on which the item was shipped back to the warehouse.
Item Shipped Value   Value of the item to be returned when it was originally shipped.
Material Return Warehouse * Warehouse to which the item is to be returned.
Order Type   Type of item that was sold.
Ownership   Ownership of the material being returned. The value is set from the sales order associated with the return material authorization. You can change the value in this field.
Quantity * Number of the item returned by the customer.
Sales Order   Sales order to which this RMA relates.
Sales Order Line Item   Lookup to the sales order line item to which this RMA relates.
OIM Currency of Shipped Value   The Order and Inventory Management currency of the Item Shipped Value field. This does not affect the other currency fields of this record.
Selling Price   Price that the item was sold for.
Supplier Claim   Indicates whether the warranty claim invokes a warranty claim with the supplier.
Warranty Claim Action   Indicates the action taken to resolve the warranty claim.
Warranty Claim Filed Date   Date on which the warranty claim was filed.
Warranty Claim Granted   Indicates whether the warranty claim for the item has been approved.
Warranty Claim Resolve Date   Date on which the warranty claim was resolved.