Setting up the Synchronization of Regions, Practices, Groups, and Projects to Dimension 1-4 Records

PSA – Accounting Connector enables you to automatically create and update dimension 1-4 records when you create and update regions, practices, groups, and projects. This ensures that the relevant dimensions are linked to Accounting documents created from PSA business records.

The following flows are available:

  • Sync Regions to Dimension 1 Records
  • Sync Practices to Dimension 2 Records
  • Sync Groups to Dimension 3 Records
  • Sync Projects to Dimension 4 Records

Unlike other PSA – Accounting Connector flows, these run in real time, as soon as you create the source record in PSA. In addition, when you change a relevant field on the source record, the related dimension record is automatically updated. The relevant fields include the Name and Accounting Reporting Code fields, as well as the relevant Dimension lookup.

Each flow is optional and disabled by default.

Enabling the Flows

To enable the flows, select the relevant checkbox field on the PSA – Accounting Connector Settings custom setting object. These fields are disabled by default. The following fields are available:

  • Sync Regions to Dimension 1 Records
  • Sync Practices to Dimension 2 Records
  • Sync Groups to Dimension 3 Records
  • Sync Projects to Dimension 4 Records

You can enable the flows that are relevant to your org. For example, you might want to create dimensions from regions and projects, but you do not use practices and groups. In that case, select only the Sync Regions to Dimension 1 Records and Sync Projects to Dimension 4 Records checkboxes.

For more information, see Configuring PSA – Accounting Connector Settings and PSA – Accounting Connector Settings Fields.

Correlating Existing Records

If your org already contains regions, practices, groups, and projects in PSA and matching dimension 1-4 records in Accounting, you can manually correlate existing records. This ensures that the records are kept in sync and, more importantly, it enables you to use the Dimension lookup fields from the PSA records when creating Accounting documents.

This section uses the Sync Regions to Dimension 1 Records flow as an example. The same applies for the other flows.

  • When the flow is enabled, the region records become the source of truth. This means that if you link a region to a dimension 1 record with a different name and reporting code, as soon as you save the region, the name and the reporting code of the dimension 1 record are updated. In this case, we recommend enabling the flow after you have correlated such records.
  • You can only correlate records that have the same currency ISO code. For example, you cannot link a USD region to an AUD dimension.

To correlate existing regions with dimension 1 records:

  1. Enable the Sync Regions to Dimension 1 Records flow. See Enabling the Flows.
  2. For each region record, populate the Accounting Reporting Code and Dimension 1 fields. You must populate both fields at the same time.
    If you leave the Accounting Reporting Code blank, it is automatically populated with the name of the region. Once you save the record, the new value overwrites the existing Reporting Code field on the dimension 1 record.
    If you populate the Accounting Reporting Code field, but leave the Dimension 1 lookup empty, an error stating that the reporting code is not unique prevents you from saving the record.

You can easily populate the fields for all the records at the same time using Datastream. For more information, see Datastream Overview.

As soon as you save the changes, PSA – Accounting Connector establishes a link between the records. Whenever you change the Region Name or Accounting Reporting Code fields on the region, the Name and Reporting Code fields are automatically updated on the dimension 1 record.