Expense Reports

An expenseClosed A record of expenses incurred by resources assigned to a project or opportunity. is incurred by a resourceClosed A contact that works on a project. working on a projectClosed A collection of activities and related items to be managed over a defined time range, such as timecards, expenses, milestones and budgets.. In PSA expenses are grouped into expense reports for submission and approval. Expenses are subject to expense limits based on their expense type. Billable and non-billable expenses contribute to expense cost for the project, however, billable expenses are billed to the customer as pass-through revenue. A billable expense report can contain both billable and non-billable expenses, however a non-billable expense report can only contain non-billable expenses.

An expense report represents a folder for a given resource and project in which one or more expenses are grouped, submitted, and approved. An expense report can also be associated with an assignmentClosed Connection between a resource and a project. or a milestoneClosed A fixed target, which when achieved, can be billed to the customer for a fixed fee or by logging time against it. for the project.

When you submit an expense report for approval, it must be marked Approved for the numbers to roll-upClosed Term used to describe how a lower level figure or transaction is included in a higher level transaction or calculation. to the RPGClosed Abbreviation of region, practice, group., and to include the numbers in billing eventsClosed A means of generating billing information that can be fed into a financial system. Your PSA consultant will work with your administrator to create the approval process, which may include automated emails to managers with links to approve the expense reports.


To be able to submit, approve or reject expense reports, your administrator must have set up an approval process. For further information, see Setting up Workflow and Approval Processes.

If you have permissions to do so you can:

  • Approve expense reports.
  • Clone expense reports.
  • Correct expense reports or approve them outside the normal approval process.
  • Create an expense report and submit it for approval.
  • Edit expenses and attach receipts.
  • Enter expenses directly against milestones to which you are assigned.
  • Enter expenses in multiple currencies.
  • Enter multiple expenses for different projects and assignments on the same page.
  • Load and enter negative expenses using the validation and formula fields.

Correcting Expense Reports

If a resourceClosed A contact that works on a project. incorrectly enters an expense report, or an approval needs to take place outside the normal process, you can change it using the Expense Report Admin Edit function if you have permissions to do so. See Correcting Expense Reports.

Expense Multi-currency Rates

PSA allows entry of expense amounts in multiple currencies. Your organization can use the Salesforce advanced multi-currency feature, with dated exchange rates you manually enter. You can also integrate PSA with a third party supplier of exchange rates for this purpose, and leave the Salesforce advanced multi-currency feature disabled.

Accounting Connector

If you use PSA – Accounting Connector, you can also create payable invoices and payable credit notes from expense reports. For more information, see Expense Reports to Payable Invoices or Credit Notes.