Approving and Rejecting Timecards Overview

Your administrator must create approval processes on the Timecard object in your organization to enable you to approve or reject timecards. See Setting up Workflow and Approval Processes.

You can submit timecards for approval depending on the configured approval processes. See Submitting Timecards for Approval. Approvers can approve or reject timecards depending on the approval process. See Approving and Rejecting Timecards.

You can approve and reject multiple timecards when your administrator has created an approval process and linked it to the Manage Timecards to Approve page. See Approving and Rejecting Multiple Timecards. The columns that appear on the Timecards section of the Manage Timecards to Approve page when approving or rejecting multiple timecards depend on the fields that your administrator has chosen in the field sets of the Timecard object. See Timecard Field Sets.