Using Timecards

You can use timecards to enter time you have spent working on projects, assignments, and tasks. Submit or recall timecards for any hours recorded.

Ensure your organization has correctly configured each projectClosed A collection of activities and related items to be managed over a defined time range, such as timecards, expenses, milestones and budgets., milestoneClosed A fixed target, which when achieved, can be billed to the customer for a fixed fee or by logging time against it., resourceClosed A contact that works on a project., assignmentClosed Connection between a resource and a project., workflow and permission controlClosed Determines whether a single user has permission to carry out specific tasks in PSA. before submitting your first timecardClosed A mechanism for logging time against a project or an assignment..


Contact your administrator if you need to know which timecard entry user interface you are using.

By default, timecard lines are ordered by the date on which they were created and their name. Your administrator may have configured PSA to sort timecard lines by certain fields.


The submit limit at any one time in the Time Entry page is 150 timecard lines without tasks, or 100 timecard lines with 10 tasks on each line. We recommend you save and submit timecard lines regularly.