Setting Initial Configuration Options

Options to control PSA are contained in custom settings and configuration groups.

Custom Settings

Custom settings are a Salesforce feature that allow you to customize PSA functionality and behavior. Although PSAcustom settings are installed with the product, we recommend that you manage each setting to accept the defaults after installation.


With the introduction of PSA Fall 2021, a large number of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) checks were added to prevent potential CRUD-bypass security vulnerabilities, which would allow users to make unauthorized changes to data.

The Disable Permission Checks checkbox on the PSA Permission Settings custom setting controls whether these checks are enabled or disabled. For new installations, this checkbox is deselected, which means that permission checks are enabled. For upgrades, this checkbox is selected, disabling the permission checks until you are sure all users have the permissions they need.

For security reasons, the Disable Permission Checks checkbox will be deprecated in a future release.

To manage the custom settings listed in the table below:

  1. In Setup, in the Platform Tools section, click Custom Code | Custom Settings.Using ClassicClosedIn section App Setup, click Develop | Custom Settings.
  2. Click Managenext to the custom setting name.
  3. Click New at the top of the page.
  4. Complete the instruction for each custom setting in the table that follows. For further information about the configuration options in each custom setting, click the custom setting name. To return to this page, click the back button in your browser.
PSA Custom Setting Initial Configuration
Custom Setting Name See Detailed Description Instruction
Search Resources Global Search Resources Settings Enter Default in the Name field and click Save.
Timecard Entry UI Switch Timecard Settings Enter Default in the Name field and click Save.
Timecard Entry UI Global Timecard Entry UI Global Settings
WorkQueues Work Queue Manager
Common Settings Common Settings Click Save to accept the defaults.
Missing Timecards Missing Timecard Generation Settings
Permission Control Settings Permission Control Settings
Search Resources Personal Search Resources Settings
security (appirio_core) PSA Permission Settings
security (pse)
Task Settings Task Management Settings
Triggers Trigger Settings 
Utilization Utilization Settings
Assignment Settings Assignment Settings Select a default location and a user or profile, and click Save.
Backlog Backlog Settings
Est Vs Actuals Settings Est Vs Actuals Settings
Timecard Entry UI Personal Timecard Entry UI Personal Settings No initial action required.

The first time a PSA user clicks Copy from Previous Week on a timecard, a value is created in the Timecard Entry UI Personal custom setting for that user. This is in addition to the organization-wide value. The new value is created with the organization-wide default settings, plus any checkboxes that were selected when the user clicked Copy from Previous Week. Changes to organization-wide configuration do not change the configuration for an individual user where it exists. To edit the configuration options for an individual user, click Manage in the Timecard Entry UI setting, scroll to the user whose configuration options you want to edit and edit the values for that user.