Permission Controls

In addition to Salesforce CRUD permissions, permission controls are a security layer controlling individual user permissions to perform specific functions on objects and fields.

If you are an Operations or Administrator user, you can create permission controls on the Permission Controls tab granting individual resources access to regions, practices, groups, and projects.

You can use permission controls to:


If your organization uses contractors without a Salesforce login, you can set up a permission control to allow project managers to create timecards and expenses for these resources. To do this, enter the project manager as the user, select the appropriate resource or region, practice or group containing the appropriate resources, and then select the Timecard Entry and Expense Entry check boxes.


If your organization uses operations managers who need to create Resource Requests and assign Resources, create a Permission Control and select the Region, Practice or Group to which you want to grant access.

By default, only project managers can edit project tasks in Project Task Gantt. You can grant permission to view or edit project tasks to other users. To do so, create a permission control with the Project Task Gantt View or Project Task Gantt Edit checkboxes selected for the project.


For more information about setting up Revenue Forecasting view and adjust permission controls, see Setting up Forecasting.

To set up a permission control:

  1. Select the Permission Controls tab.
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the fields as described in Permission Control Fields.

See the following for more information: