Calculating Missing Timecards

To calculate missing timecards:

  1. Navigate to the region, practice, or group that you want to calculate missing timecards for.
  2. [Optional] Select the Include Sublevels checkbox to include the region, practice, or group's children.
  3. Select the end date of the relevant week.
  4. Click Calculate.

You can schedule missing timecard calculations from the PSA Administration page, which you open from App Launcher. For more information, see PSA Administration.

Viewing Missing Timecard Calculation Details

You can view a calculation record of missing timecards in your region, practice, or group pages. To view Missing Timecard Calculation Details, add Missing Timecard Calculations related list to the page layout for the region, practice, or group.

See Generate Missing Timecard Calculation Fields for fields to display in the Missing Timecard Calculation Details page.