Managing Configuration

PSA uses configuration values to process specific data elements, based on individual customer requirements. A basic set of the configuration values is provided with PSA. If you are an administrator user you can edit these values.

PSA configuration is contained in custom settings and configuration options. Configuration options are organized by, groups, options and values to facilitate easier look-ups and searches. For detailed information about configuration options, see Configuration Settings.


If you are using the Log a Timecard - New UI, some settings such as those in the Timecard configuration groupClosed A collection of configuration options contained in the configuration groups tab that defines behavior of a PSA object or feature. are duplicated in the custom settings. For the Time Entry page, use custom settings only. The settings that you must use will depend on your organization.

Custom Settings

Some PSA configuration is contained in custom settings.

Configuration Groups

The Configuration Groups tab contains groups of configuration options that logically represent areas of PSA. Each configuration group has a name, a key, a description and a version. Each group contains several options, and each option houses one or more values.

Configuration Options

Configuration Values

Each configuration value has an id, a reference back to its configuration option, a sort option, and the value. Depending on the component and its function, you can set the values to configure the application.