About Contacts and Resources

Resources are your organization's trackable human assets. In PSA a resource is a type of contact. PSA:

Limiting Contact Operations to PSA Resource Records Only

Not all contact records in Salesforce are PSA resources. Whether a contact is also a resource depends on the value of its Is Resource checkbox. If you have the permissions to do so you can restrict PSA operations such as defaulting work calendars and working with time periods to PSA resource records only, using the settings in the Resources configuration groupClosed A collection of configuration options contained in the configuration groups tab that defines behavior of a PSA object or feature..

Creating Resources

Depending on your organization's setup, you can create resource records:

  • Manually in PSA
  • Automatically from worker records created in HCM
  • Automatically from worker information created in third-party HCM applications, via the REST API

For more information about creating and updating resource records automatically, see Foundations Integration.


It is not possible to delete a resource with active assignments. We strongly recommend setting the resource's status to "Inactive" in the event a resource is no longer required.