Configuring Custom Columns

You can configure custom columns using custom settings or, if your organization has a large number of custom settings, with custom objects. If your organization has a large number of users for Resource and Project Planners and Project Task Gantt, consider using the Custom Columns object to store preferences instead of the Column Preferences custom setting.

Enabling Saving Column Preferences

To let users save edited column attributes, enabling the Save Column Preferences field on these custom settings, as needed by your organization:

Field Name Custom Setting Applies To
Save Column Preferences Planners - Resource Resource Planner
Planners - Project Project Planner
Project Task Gantt Settings Project Task Gantt

Configuring Custom Columns Using Custom Settings

  1. From Setup, view the field sets on the object that corresponds to the interface you want to modify. For example:
    • Contact object: Resource Planner
    • Project object: Project Planner
    • Project Task object: Project Task Gantt.
  2. On the Resource Planner Columns, Project Planner Columns, or Gantt Custom Columns field sets, click Edit.
  3. Add or remove the fields you want to make available as columns on the interface by dragging fields in and out of the In the Field Set container. You can add any field from the Available for the Field Set container. You can also change the default order of columns.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Optionally, repeat steps 2–4 for the other columns field sets.

To change the default field set:

  1. From Setup, click Develop | Custom Settings.
  2. On the Planners - Project custom setting, click Manage and then Edit.
  3. In the Columns Field Set setting, enter the API name of a field set on the Project object.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Repeat the preceding steps for the Planners - Resource and Project Task Gantt Settings custom settings. The field sets must exist on the contact and project task objects respectively.

Configuring Custom Columns with a Custom Object

  1. Set the Use sObject for Column Preferences field to true on the Common Settings custom setting.
  2. Define a Column Preferences object for each PSA interface you want to modify (Project Task Gantt, Resource and Project Planners, or Time Entry). Complete the Column Preferences Fields for each object.

Migrating Column Preferences from Custom Settings to Custom Objects

  1. Using the Developer Console, paste the Column Preferences Migration Script and run it.
  2. The script migrates data in batches of 4000 records.  Re-run the script until all your organization's custom setting data has migrated to custom objects.
  3. Set the Use sObject for Column Preferences field to true on the Common Settings custom setting.
  4. Verify your settings migrated correctly.