PSA Administration

The PSA Administration tab, which you open from the App Launcher, enables you to run and schedule PSA actions, such as batch jobs, and configure PSA.

This page contains the following sections under the PSA Administration Actions component:

PSA Administration Actions

The PSA Administration Actions component contains the following sections.

Actuals Verification and Recalculation

PSA Batch Processes

This section contains actions that enable you to run and schedule batch jobs.

Configuration Management

Export your existing configuration settings and import the configuration settings included in the PSA packages. For more information, see Importing and Exporting Configurations.

PSA Custom Mappings

You can map fields between objects when you are creating:

  • Projects from opportunities.
  • Resource requests and held resource requests from project tasks.
  • Assignments from project tasks.

Geocoding Services

Provide longitude and latitude coordinates based on an address using the Google Maps service. For example, when locating resources. See Searching for Resources on the Search Resources Page.

Foundations Administration

Click Manage Foundations Administration to register your Foundations publications and subscriptions, and load or remove all publications or subscriptions.

For more information, see Foundations Integration.

Jira-PSA Integration

Revenue Forecasting

This section enables you to:


To schedule a revenue forecast or revenue forecast version, you must have the following permission sets:

  • PSA - Manage Configuration
  • PSA - Configure Forecast Setup

PSA Scheduled Actions

This section enables you to schedule actions:


You can use Utilization to:

  • Configure utilization setups
  • Create a utilization setup record
  • Delete utilization results
  • Schedule utilization job runs
  • View utilization run results

For more information, see: