Field Sets

You can change the columns that appear in lists on some pages by changing the field sets associated with that page. This section contains information about the field sets in PSA objects. For a list of the field sets available in PSA, see the links under Reference below.

For information about editing field sets, see the Salesforce Help.

Any changes you make to a packaged field set are lost when a package containing the that field set is installed. The new field set overwrites the customized one. When this happens, you will need to re-apply your changes.
Do not add formula fields or roll-up summary fields to a field set because they are not editable. The Visualforce page will display an error message if custom fields of these types exist on any associated field set.

If your Salesforce organization contains custom fields with the same API name as PSA fields, you cannot include these fields in a field set because the PSA namespace will be added to the field name of the field in the field set and it will therefore return the value of the PSA field.
We recommend adding a unique prefix to the API names of fields that you create.