Setting up the Timer Component

The Timer component is an additional way for users to log time against assignments, cases, milestones, projects, and project tasks. Users can also use the Enable Timecard Sync feature to create timecards from the timer sessions recorded against assignments, projects, and project tasks.


Enabling timecard sync against custom objects is not supported by the timer.

To make it available to users, you must add the component to a project record page using Lightning App Builder.

To enable time to be logged against custom objects using the Timer component, you can add the relevant lookup fields to a field set on the Timer Session object. For more information, see Timer Settings.


Only lookup fields are able to be added to this fieldset. Other field types can be added but will be ignored by the timer component.

For information on how to configure the component, see PSA Lightning Components and Timer Lightning Component Properties

The permission sets needed to use the Timer component are:

  • PSA - Start and Stop Timers
  • PSA - Start and Stop Timers - Cases
  • PSA - Enter Time Against Projects and Assignments

For information on how to use the component, see Using the Timer .

Custom Settings

The following custom settings affect how the timer component can be configured for your users:

  • To allow your users to record timer against a summary task, your user must have the Timecard Entry UI Personal, Task Time: Only show assigned tasks Custom Settings selected. For more requirements needed for this feature, see “Using the Timer component.”
  • To allow your users to enable timecard sync for timer sessions recorded against project tasks, the Timecard Entry UI Personal, Task Time Entry Mode custom setting must be set to any mode except Current.
  • To automatically enable timecard sync on new timer sessions, the Auto Enable Timecard Sync field must be selected in Timer Settings.
  • The Sync to Timecard field is selected by default when Auto Enable Timecard Sync is selected.
  • When Auto Enable Timecard Sync is enabled, the timecard context fields are automatically populated where possible for the synced timecard. For example, when an assignment is selected this and it's associated project are entered on the Timecard Assignment and Timecard Project fields.