Importing and Exporting Configurations

If you have the permissions, you can import and export PSA configurations using the PSA Administration tab, which you open from App Launcher. You can export your existing configuration settings and import the configuration settings included in the PSA packages. You must carry out these tasks when installing PSA for the first time or upgrading from a previous version. If setting up PSA, you must also import the custom settings included in the package. For detailed information about installing PSA, see "Getting Started with PSA Spring 2023".


In Fall 2021, you cannot import configurations exported from a version of PSA prior to Summer '12.

If you are upgrading from a version of PSA prior to Summer '12 and want to back up your configuration settings, you must:

  1. Install PSAFall 2021, and then export your existing PSA configuration.
  2. Import the PSAFall 2021 configuration.

Exporting Configuration Settings

To export configuration settings:

  1. On the PSA Administration page, click Configuration Management | Export Configuration.
  2. In the Export Configuration window, from the Choose Action drop-down list, do one of the following:
    • Select Save as File and enter the file name for saving the XML configuration.
    • Select Send Email and enter the email address to receive the Config.xml file.
  1. Click Export.

Depending on the option you selected, the file is saved to the Configs folder on the Documents tab, or a Config.xml file with the existing configuration is sent to your entered email address.

Importing Configuration Settings

To import configuration settings:

  1. On the PSA Administration page, click Configuration Management | Import Configuration. The Import Configuration window opens.
  2. Select the configuration file from the Configuration File drop-down list.
  3. Select the group from the Configuration Groups drop-down list.
  1. To replace all of your configuration settings with the default configuration supplied, select the Replace values in your organization with the selected configuration file checkbox.
Note: If you import the configuration by replacing all your configuration settings, the current configuration is backed up to the Configs folder on the Documentation tab.
  1. Click Import.
  1. [Optional] Click Compare Configuration to compare the current configuration to the configuration selected in the previous step.


Importing Custom Settings


The Import Custom Settings Data option is obsolete and no longer in use in PSA.