Quick-Start Guide

This section outlines a first installation of PSA. You must be logged in as a system administrator, or equivalent to perform setup. Click a related help topic link and complete the tasks in that topic.

PSA Setup Tasks

PSA Setup Task Related Help Topic
Import PSA configuration Importing and Exporting Configurations
Set initial configuration options Setting Initial Configuration Options
Configure PSA data Data Setup Tasks
Manage user profiles Managing Security and Sharing
Manage permission sets and permission set groups PSA Functional Permissions Overview
Set permission controls Permission Controls
Customize page layouts Customizing Page Layouts
Install extension packages Installing Extension Packages
Set current time period fields Setting Current Time Period Fields
Set actuals processing mode Setting the Actuals Processing Mode

Data Setup Tasks

Data Setup Task Related Help Topic
Set up currencies Setting up Currencies
Create or import time periods Creating or Importing Time Periods
Set up work calendars Setting up Work Calendars
Set up holidays Setting up Holidays
Designate non-working time Designating Non-Working Time
Create RPGs Setting up an RPG
Create resources Setting up PSA Resources

Optional Setup Tasks

Optional Setup Task Related Help Links
Configure workflow and approval processes Setting up Workflow and Approval Processes
Set up Work Queue Manager Setting up Work Queue Manager
Customize your configuration options Configuration Settings
Set up expense limits and rates Setting up Expenses
Set up categories, skills and certifications Setting up Categories, Skills, and Certifications
Set up rate cards Setting up Rate Cards
Set up forecasts Setting up Forecasting
Set up time against tasks Task Time Entry Mode and Task Time Field Sets
Set up Project Versioning and Baselines Setting up Project Versioning and Baselines