Setting the Actuals Processing Mode

Depending on the configuration set in the Actuals configuration groupClosed A collection of configuration options contained in the configuration groups tab that defines behavior of a PSA object or feature., actualsClosed Totals for a given time period. are either processed in Immediate or Scheduled mode. When Immediate mode is set, actuals are processed in real-time. When Scheduled mode is set, a batch mechanism processes changes to transactions resulting from actions on a business recordClosed Timecard Split, Expense, Milestone, Miscellaneous Adjustment or Budget. Scheduled mode is more scalable and fault-tolerant than immediate mode.

To change the actuals processing mode:

  1. Click the Configuration Groups tab.
  2. Click Go to list all configuration groups.
  3. Click Actuals.
  4. Click CalculationMode.
  5. If required, edit the value and change it to Scheduled or Immediate depending on your requirements.
    For more information, see Actuals Settings.