Billing Events Integration Overview

The Billing Events Integration is an integration between PSA billing events and Foundations billing documents. It enables you to easily create draft billing documents for released billing events. Within Billing Central, you can then optionally consolidate the billing documents to streamline your invoicing processes.

You enable the Billing Events Integration using the Feature Console. For information about how to do this, see Enabling the Billing Events Integration. When you have completed all the steps successfully, you can create billing documents from billing events in the following ways:

  • From the billing event detail page. Use the Create Billing Document button to create a billing document for the current billing event.
  • From the Billing Events Awaiting Invoicing tab. Use the Create Billing Documents button to create billing documents for the selected billing events.
  • From the billing event list view. Use the Create Billing Documents button to create billing documents for the selected billing events.
  • Automatically via a scheduled job. Use the Billing Document Creation Scheduler tab to schedule the job to create billing documents for eligible billing events.

You can only create a billing document for a billing event if:

  • The billing event has been released.
  • The billing event is not already invoiced.
  • The project related to the billing event has an account.
  • The billing event and its billing event items all have the same currency.

If any of the billing event items have a blank Product or Service field, the "Professional Services" product is used by default. The "Professional Services" product is created (if it does not already exist) when you enable the Billing Events Integration. If this product is renamed or deleted, you must manually populate any blank Product or Service fields before the billing document can be created.

When billing documents are created for billing events, information is passed between PSA and Foundations via messaging. For information about which details are passed between PSA and Foundations, view the publications and subscriptions for the BillingEvent.ReadyToBill message type on the Message Types tab of the Foundations Administration app.

Each billing event and its resulting billing document are linked at header and line level by lookup fields. The billing event has a lookup to the billing document that has been created, and each billing event item has a lookup to its corresponding billing document line item. Similarly, the billing document and billing document line items have lookups to their corresponding source billing event records. Billing documents created by the integration have the Document Source field set to "Services". When the billing document is completed, billing information is recorded on the billing event.

For more information about creating billing documents for billing events, see Creating Billing Documents for Billing Events.

Negative Billing Events are Created as Positive Credit Notes

When the total value of a billing event is negative, it is created as a credit note billing document. All prices on the billing event have their sign switched so negatives become positives and positives become negatives. The total value of the resulting credit note is positive.

If you are using Avalara AvaTax we recommend that you avoid using negative quantities on records that will be processed as billing events. This is because Avalara AvaTax ignores the negative sign on quantities which results in tax being calculated with the wrong sign.