Enabling the Billing Events Integration

This Feature Console page enables the Billing Events Integration so that you can easily create Foundations billing documents when PSA billing events are released. For more information about this integration, see Billing Events Integration Overview.

To enable the Billing Events Integration, work through the steps in the order shown.

  • For each automatic step, click Perform. When the step has completed, the Status changes from "Not Done" to "Done". The first step checks that Billing Central is installed; you cannot proceed with Step 2 unless Billing Central is installed.
  • For each manual step, follow the instructions on screen then click Mark As Done when the step is complete. More information about performing the manual steps is provided below.

When you have completed all the steps, use the Status slider in the Feature section to enable the feature.


When PSA is registered with Foundations, the subscription message type BillingEvent.ReadyToBill is set up with a custom mapping on the Billing Document Line Item object's Billing Event Item field. You must not edit or delete this custom mapping.

Manually Editing Field-Level Security

You must manually edit field-level security for the Project field on the Billing Document object, and the Project and Billing Event Item fields on the Billing Document Line Item object to make them editable. This is necessary for later feature steps.

To do this:

  1. From Setup, click Object Manager | Billing Document.
  2. Click Fields & Relationships.
  3. Click Project.
  4. Click Set Field-Level Security.
  5. For your profile, make sure Visible is selected and Read-only is not selected.
  6. Click Save.

Repeat the previous steps on the Billing Document Line Item object for the Project and Billing Event Item fields.

Manually Updating Billing Event and Project Layouts

You must manually update the Billing Event, Billing Event Item, and Project page layouts and the Billing Events List View search layout to add or remove the fields and buttons listed in the feature step.

To update a page layout or a search layout:

  1. From Setup, click Object Manager | <object> | Page Layouts or Search Layouts.
  2. Click the layout that you need to update.
  3. Drag the specified fields and buttons from the palette to an appropriate location on the layout. To remove a button, drag it from the layout back to the palette.
  4. Click Save.

Ensure that the updated layouts are assigned to the appropriate users.

Manually Updating Billing Document Layouts

You must manually update the Billing Document and Billing Document Line Item page layouts to add the fields listed in the feature step.

How to update page layouts is explained in the previous section, "Manually Updating Billing Event and Project Layouts".

Ensure that the updated layouts are assigned to the appropriate users.

Next Steps

Assign both of the following permission sets to users who will be creating billing documents for billing events either manually or via the scheduled job:

  • Billing Event to Billing Document Integration
  • Billing Event to Billing Document Integration Unmanaged Fields

The Billing Event to Billing Document Integration Unmanaged Fields permission set is created by one of the automatic feature steps. If you cannot find the permission set, ensure that the step has been performed.

If you have not already done so, set up the scheduled job to automatically create billing documents for eligible billing events. Do this using the Billing Document Creation Scheduler tab. For more information, see Setting up a Scheduled Job to Create Billing Documents.